Enjoy your day dear!!

Don’t forget to check @mykpopstore products. They’re also accept non kpop desisgn and ship wordwide.

Go go order now!!! 😘


Direct to garment printing:
Tshirt from IDR 70.000
Croptee from IDR 75.000
Hoodie IDR 125.000
Zipper Hoodie IDR 135.000
Baseball Varsity IDR 140.000

Sweater IDR 150.000
Jacket IDR 160.000
+Hoodie +IDR 10.000

TSHIRT IDR 130.000
Long sleeves +IDR 10.000

Skirt IDR 110.000
Skort IDR 125.000

Totebag from IDR 80.000
Cushion Pillow from 145.000

Phone case:
Soft case/Hardcase IDR 100.000
Flipcover (1 side print) IDR 115.000
Flipcover (2 side print) IDR 135.000

All products are made by order.
Custom design. Make anything you want!

Contact them for order, size detail, price, shipping fee, custom design or request design.

Contact us👉
LINE: violetkecil
Whatsapp: 085249123829
Sms only: 085392362475
Email: asihmitra(at)gmail(dot)com

Bagi yang sudah pernah order di mykpopstore, mari isi kuesionernya >> https://t.co/yGHDTltDcy

Thank you ♡

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